Method of work

Every patient is unique, his equipment is thus made to measure to adapt itself at best to its morphology…


Taking of imprints

Imprints for the preparation of prostheses are realized from silicone.


The color of the prosthesis is painted on a capsule the diameter of which corresponds to that of the iris of the patient. The coloring is obtained from natural pigments and is in agreement with the characteristics of the eye controlatéral for a result the closest possible to the reality.

Manufacturing of the prosthesis

The various grips of measure and the imprint allow to realize a prosthesis in resin. This one respects all the characteristics of the controlatéral eye : colors, sclère, blood vessels, irien diameter…

Pose and adaptation

The prosthesis is then adapted according to the aesthetic result and to the comfort of patient.


The follow-up of the patient is very important for assuring its comfort because he allows to follow regularly the orbitaire cavity to avoid any problem.

A control is realized 2 months after the adaptation but he can be advanced in case of problem. Controls are then programmed every 6 months to realize in particular a polishing of the prosthesis.

Aware of the traumatism engendered by the loss of an eye, if the patient feels the need, a team is for its listening for a psychological care.

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